We welcome all the winners of national competitions coming from all over Europe, Africa and Middle East!
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The Rodeo is back to give operators across Europe, Africa and Middle East the opportunity to compete against the best and demonstrate their exceptional skills at the controls of the best Case equipment in technically challenging contests.

Are you ready to put yourself to the test and challenge the best operators in the industry?

Are you ready to put the Rodeo’s Case machines through their paces to win the difficult challenges we have prepared for you?

Are you ready to be the best operator of Case equipment?

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15 October Monthyon France
28 September Monthyon France
26-1 September-October Sofia Bulgaria
25 September Palermo Italy
24 September Waimes Belgium
23 September Hornslet Denmark
23 September Richwiller France
21-22 September Brno Czech Republic
16 September Nancy France
15-17 September Montigny-sur-Loing France
15-17 September Plovdiv Bulgaria
14 September Žilina Slovenia
8 September Cholet France
3-4 September Cloppenburg Germany
1-3 September Jämsänkoski Finland
15 August Bucharest Romania
8 July Tôtes France
6 July Beaucouze France
2 July Maputo Mozambique
1 July Pontivy France
1-3 July Erlensee Germany
28-30 June Buxton, Derbyshire United Kingdom
16 June Saint Loubes France
10-11 June Tromsø Norway
9 June Portet Sur Garonne France
9-10 June Kaznějov Quarry Czech Republic
2-4 June Solvalla Sweden
31-2 May-June Holon Israel
26-28 May TKD Kievitsweg, Almere Netherlands
18-19 May Lišany Quarry Czech Republic
6-7 May Ljubljana Slovenia
29-30 April Saint-Pathus France
22-23 April Ingliston, Edinburgh United Kingdom